„Silence Beyond The Wall“ by Thomas Bundschuh

A book about infrastructure. A book about configured landscape. A book about walls and what they do to us. Thomas Bundschuh has been travelling along Austrian highways for weeks – mind you, on the outside – and has captured noise protection walls. How they shape the landscape and how they shape our horizon. With an essay by Anna Stuhlpfarrer.

64 pages, 28 images, B/W, self published/June2017, price: 39 EUR


Kretalabor by Kreta Kollektiv

„These photos literally show human effigies – you see the most unique in its diversity, namely in its individual identity. And at the same time you always see the general, the reconnecting, what we all have in common: the pride, the hope, the defiance, the longing… …these images capture attitude.“ (Robert Menasse) Portraits from the pop-up photostudio Fotolabor Kreta in Vienna’s 10th district, combined with images from private family albums. A contribution to the current migration discussion. With a comment by Robert Menasse

66 pages, 58 images (of which 28 B/W reproductions), AnzenbergerEdition/June2017, price: 25 EUR

Kreta No1 by Kreta Kollektiv

Sharpen your senses and come with us on a journey. Discover Kreta in Vienna. With Kreta, the magazine. By Kreta, the photographers collective. About Kreta, the neighbourhood in Vienna’s 10th disctrict.

68 pages, 54 images, color, AnzenbergerEdition/June2015, price: 15 EUR

Bezdratove-Drahtlos-Wireless by Fotoškola Brno and Fotoschule Wien

19 photographers from Austria, Czech Republic and Slovakia reflect about the 25th anniversary of the falling of the Iron Curtain. What has changed since and what is left of the wires, barricades and border controls in the landscape and in our minds and memories? Exhibition catalogue about a project by 4AM/Forúm pro architektura and média, FLUSS, Fotoškola Brno and Fotoschule Wien

84 pages, 72 images, 4AM/Forúm/July2014, price: sold out